one hundred and eighty seven


Today I am very grateful Jem takes more after B than me in temperament. She debuts as Alice in her schools musical, Alice in Wonderland this evening, and is utterly calm. No sleepless nights, no need for rescue drops, no fighting with mom because we’re both stressed as. Its all so wonderfully calm. I am grateful for my other little teacher, who just takes it all in her calm, sweet stride. Who keeps its all so beautifully in perspective, never taking life or herself too seriously. We are so proud of you our angel child Jemma and really do hope you break a leg. Two things I know for sure, we could never ever be prouder of you than we are right now, and no matter what, you will have fun. Because you always do.

5 thoughts on “one hundred and eighty seven

  1. Hey JemJem, the time is here. Good luck little Angel. A more beautiful and talented Alice they could not have found. We definitely would have bought front row seats. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! x

    • And now it’s all over … unbelievable! I heard her thanking Elle the other day for doing her lines with her!!! So wish you guys could have been here … it’s times like these that I feel so far away. xxxx

      • And Elle was so chuffed. And disappointed not to be able to be there. We all feel the same. Am trawling the paper for specials. Its time for a visit. x

  2. From facebook

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    Geraldine Hartley Go Jem sure it will be just wonderful what a talented young lady
    July 20 at 4:17pm via mobile · like · 1

    Cathy Raggett Wish we could be there…..
    July 20 at 4:26pm · like · 1

    Kerry Solomon Wishing Jem all the best for her performance. Wow Lianne, what a beautiful temperament she has. And what a beautiful girl she is. Both your daughters are so gorgeous, just as they were when I last saw them, and growing up so beautifully. Well done to their mom! xxx
    July 20 at 5:30pm · like · 1

    Caroline Chart Is Jemma playing Alice tomorrow afternoon as we’re going to see it then? I have a very excited little flower who can’t wait to go on stage again this evening (for a whole 3 minutes!!). Good luck to Jemma xx
    July 20 at 5:37pm · like · 1

    Susie Pitts She was just fabulous, talk about presence… Jemma lit up the stage. I thought the whole production and effort from everyone was wonderful.
    July 20 at 9:46pm via mobile · like · 1

    Sandi Unite Good luck Jemma. We know you’ll be great. Most important thing is that you have fun. Lots of love, Sandi,Peter,Badger, Duzi, and Phoebe
    July 21 at 4:15am via mobile · like · 1

    Lianne Cawood Shooweee, agree Susie, wonderful wonderful effort from everyone … just fab. An amazing primary school production! And how fabulous was Jem?? All I can say is who knew??
    July 21 at 7:50am · Like

    Samantha Yates Schroeder Beautiful… Gorgeous girl.. X
    July 21 at 9:45am via mobile · Like

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