1 thought on “one hundred and thirty two

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    Samantha Yates Schroeder Lucky lucky… Xxx
    May 27 at 9:09am via mobile · Like

    Lianne Cawood ‎…. hmmm I am blessed, and so very grateful for it and so determined to never take it for granted. Sometimes just seeing what we have not what we don’t have is all it takes to realise how blessed we all are. All of us. xx
    May 27 at 9:13am · Like · 1

    Samantha Yates Schroeder I know… I am battling a little with Ken.. She is sooooo messy & disrespectful to our home… Especially when she has friends.. She goes beyond just untidy into hiding food in the library behind books to be discovered god knows when.. To spitting ribena on the outside tiles… To unpacking every toy draw onto the floor of her room.. I could give u hundreds of examples!! I have tried fining, grounding, talking quietly, shouting it makes F all difference!!! At my wits end!!!!!! Please tell me teenage girls r better!!!! Hhheeelllpppppppp me!!!!!!!!! ; /.
    May 27 at 9:20am via mobile · Like

    Lianne Cawood Yikes, I think you’re in for a tough time!!! or maybe not …. mine went from angels to not so was a shock of note!!! But, if Kennedy is giving you a hard time now might be easier!!!! See, always a positive slant!! My only other advice is to just ignore the bad behaviour, like literally give her no attention, just quietly clean it up, without even looking at her, so she knows she’s in trouble but is weirded out by you not going off pot. Give her NO attention, not even bad. But acknowledge the good behaviour, thank you so much for putting your plate away, it really makes my life easier etc etc….. I dunno …. shit, girls!!!! xxxxx
    May 27 at 5:17pm · Like · 1

    Samantha Yates Schroeder Pphhheeewwwww….. I know what u mean with awarding good behaviour… I try I try it’s just few & far between Hahhahahhahha!!! Well I had a chat & said “treat me how u want me to treat u” hhhhmmmmm let’s see how this goes… ; /. Xx thanks for the advice.. See u at tennis x

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