seventy three


Today was a big day. We sold our house over a year ago, yet we have continued to receive bills for water and lights, rates and taxes. Despite our best efforts and those of our conveyancing attorneys. Today I spent the morning at the Johannesburg municipal offices. I wish I could say I was grateful for the petty bureaucrats I had the misfortune to deal with. I wish I could say I was grateful for the wonderful attitude of what can we do to help I was met with. But I can’t. But I am grateful for the lady before me. She understandably let her frustration get the better of her. Grateful because I saw the effect it had. Grateful because that used to be me. The futility of it all.  So today I am grateful I was able to calmly communicate my intention not to go anywhere until I had received some form of resolution. Which I did.

2 thoughts on “seventy three

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    Kerry Solomon Well done for staying calm under such challenging circumstances, and for getting a resolution. Shew!
    March 29 at 6:42am · Unlike · 1

    Bryan Cawood ‎…well done!! I am grateful you did it. (Even if you might have put Grace and Dignity aside for a moment.)
    March 29 at 12:03pm · Unlike · 2

    Cathy Raggett Can you go back and do mine? over a year now and still waiting. Numerous calls later and much frustration. To have stayed calm is truely an astonishing feat!
    March 29 at 5:37pm · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood ‎ Cawood, a resolution of sorts!!!! At least moving forward in the right direction …. xx Was extremely challenging Cathy, best advice I can give you …. get on a plane. xx
    March 29 at 8:51pm · Like

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