seventy two

Lynn and I can chat and chat and chat. And chat. Over numerous glasses of wine and numerous cups of coffee. We can laugh, we can cry, we can advise, we can tease, we can lecture, we can listen. Nothing ever gets in the way, not even jet lag or a stiff neck or much needed sleep. I am very blessed and extremely grateful to have a sister-in-law who is always there, who truly gets me, who is so much like me, who cares enough to disagree with me, who cares enough to know what is needed, who is a friend but so much more. Today and always, I am grateful for Lynn, my other sister.

1 thought on “seventy two

  1. From facebook

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    Kerry Solomon Beautifully written about what is clearly a very special friendship for you both. How blessed you are that Rick and Lynn found each other so that she could become not only your bestie, but also your sister 🙂
    March 28 at 3:18pm · Like · 1

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