fifty eight

Kate is in year 10 which means she has to go to Googa, an outdoor education centre. For a month. They camp, they hike, they cook over open fires, they wash, they clean, they do without any form of technology, they do everything for themselves. They learn about themselves, what they are capable of, what they can handle. They learn about their friends. And they learn to be grateful for what they have. We had the information evening tonight, and I watched Katie interact with her friends. I am very very grateful that Kate has made such lovely friends. So that she now feels excited at the prospect of the month away. When she first started here, we made a pact. I would do whatever I needed to to ensure she didn’t go. Even if it meant changing schools. To be honest 4 years seemed a lifetime away then. Today I am so grateful I don’t have to.

6 thoughts on “fifty eight

    • Unbelievable the jump from in a year, from 13 turning 14 to 14 turning 15. Being faced with challenges and issues I’m so sure we weren’t at that age! I am soo looking forward to discussing it all and then some and then some more into the early hours of the morning with you and a few bottles of red. xx

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    Kerry Solomon What a wonderful experience and opportunity for these kids, wow, but what’s even better is that Kate wants to go!!! That’s so great!
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    Lianne Cawood It is great Kerry, especially cos she’s such a homebody. It will be a real challenge for her. And she’s only 14!! Actually, think the real challenge will be for me!! x
    March 13 at 10:00pm · Like

    Cathy Raggett So understand what you are about to go through. Sam goes on Trek for a month later this year. They carry everything they need in back packs, walk out the school gates and return a month later! hiking through the mountains, canoeing, cycling camping including 30 hours of solitary time!! In groups of about 8 they leave over a period of 10 days and you are not put into groups with your mates!! mmmm definately think the parents have a tough time coping! Last year it snowed and emergency supplies had to be taken to the kids!
    March 14 at 3:00am · Unlike · 1

    Samantha Yates Schroeder What gorgeous girls… Like there parents.. I think mommy is going to battle more with googa? Aaahhhh x
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    Ange Nixon You forgot to mention they have to clean the composting toilets too!!!!!!!!! She will have an unbelievable time, Jack loved every minute of it and considers it a highlight of GSLC 🙂 They will remember that time forever, it is special 🙂
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    Lianne Cawood ‎ Cathy, Paul mentioned it. Sounds like virtually the identical programme, they also get solitary time etc etc etc … hope they make those little protected south african kids work!!! haha and Ange , shit, scuse the pun, but my little angel is in for a rude awakening!! And Samantha, you really do know me too well. xxx
    March 15 at 10:03am · Like · 1

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