I have a friend who skydives. And so does her son, who is 11. And in Jem’s grade. For some reason this came up over breakfast, and Jem wondered how he was not scared to do it. I replied probably because he’s grown up with it. For him it just is what you do. To him it isn’t different, it just is. His family does it and so does he. It’s a fairly adventurous family thing I went on to admit, but for him it would be the same as the family who play tennis together, who cycle together, who hike together or like us, who …. shit,  I couldn’t think of something to say. By way of an example. We play tennis, some of us but not as a regular family thing. We kayak, some of us but not as a regular weekend family thing. We walk, some of us, but not as a regular weekend family thing. We beach, but no longer all together so it’s not a regular weekend family thing. Shit, what is our family thing. I finally lamely settled on, just like us, we do breakfast out together as a regular family thing. Jem sort of looked at me. Clearly not a good enough example. Oh, well, stuff it, it is what it is, and thats our thing. We share ourselves with each other. Over breakfast out. That’s our family thing and I think that’s damn fine.

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  1. I am having such a giggle to myself……as I was reading I was thinking exactly that…..what is OUR family thing……………and we too would have to admit to the “breakfast thing”………..but hey sharing yourself can be a pretty adventurous thing actually………….and I LOVE the fact that I have the opportunity to look at my children and my husband and that they allow me a look in……. to themselves……what a blesssing. x

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    Jayne Aron I love reading you daily writings, I look forward to it every day:)
    March 14 at 11:27am · Unlike · 1

    Louise Fletcher Ha ha ….pure gold Lianne…could just picture this !!
    March 14 at 4:07pm · Unlike · 1

    Bart N Lynn Well at least you have breakfast!
    March 14 at 6:49pm · Unlike · 1

    Samantha Yates Schroeder aahhmm…. us too…. x
    March 14 at 8:02pm · Unlike · 1

    Charmaine Devitt You are so funny and you also made me analyse our ‘thing’. Immediately the word NOthing came to mind but fortunately common sense prevailed. Our ‘thing’ is that we share the DEVITT surname. Some out of choice and some from natural law… birth but whatever! It is sufficient proof that we belong together. Now if only we could get together:):)
    Thursday at 2:02am · Unlike · 2

    Lianne Cawood Haha Charmaine, it is so funny how many people have smsed me and chatted to me and laughed with me about this … love it that we are really really not alone!!!! xx
    Thursday at 9:59am · Like

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