Chatting to Helen into the early hours of today made me realise how blessed I am to have her for a mother-in-law. I am grateful for the relationship we enjoy. We discuss everything from the girls, to politics, to B, to religion, to computers, to pscyhology, to books, to education, to relationships. In fact, life. I value her opinion, not only because it is honest and informed, but because, even at 83, she is more openminded than most.

1 thought on “eighteen

  1. From facebook

    Lynn Loopuyt Barker and Helen Cawood like this.

    Sonja Nel Helen sounds like an amazing woman! Woman like her make me un afraid of getting older: if one can remain interested and interesting at 83 then one would never be without friends!
    February 3 at 12:05am · Unlike · 2

    Janine Hunter Wow 83 – she looks fab!
    February 3 at 2:22am · Unlike · 1

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