Isn’t it annoying when we do things expecting a certain response and we get a different one. So many positive preachers (and I mean this not in the biblical sense, and with a slight touch of sarcasm as in, do what I say not as I do) out there, myself included, offer the advice of have no expectations. Noble.  But that’s what most of us do. We have expectations. And it bloody messes thing up. Things just don’t turn out the way we wanted. We expect people to think they way we do, to behave the way we do, to understand what we do, to share the same sense of humour, the same values, the same beliefs. Even though we say we don’t. In fact, I find it very offensive when people do assume I think like they do. So, why do I expect others to think like me? To share my views and values. To understand my motives. Every single interaction we have with anyone is affected by the stuff we and they carry around with us. As we intend it, is often not how it is heard.  Sometimes it pisses me off that I can’t make everyone think like me. I can’t make them respond the way I want them to. But, they don’t. And I can’t. And, I may not always like it, but I do respect it. And I learn from it every single day.

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