Today I am so grateful for tradition. The tradition of breakfast with friends for my birthday. I am grateful for it because tradition implies history. And shared history makes me feel part of this new life. But I am especially grateful because finally after nearly four years, I realised I am no longer holding my breath.

1 thought on “nineteen

  1. From facebook

    Lynn Loopuyt Barker, Jo-Ann Adams, Emma Fox and 6 others like this.

    Susie Olopai Oh, is it your Birthday today? sorry i missed it. Glad you had a lovely breakfast and many blessings for the year ahead x x
    February 3 at 12:54pm · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood Thank you Susie, thats very sweet. And, you didn’t miss it … it’s actually on Sunday, but I thought I’d start celebrating today!!! xx
    February 3 at 1:18pm · Like · 2

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