Today I am so grateful to have a friend like Cathy.  A friend who’s seen me at my worst.  A friend who I know will always be there. A friend I met in fluffy slippers. A friend who knows no amount of emails can compare with one handwritten card all the way from home. A true friend.

1 thought on “seventeen

  1. From facebook

    Samantha Yates Schroeder, Leigh Thomas and 2 others like this.

    Cathy Raggett You rocked those slippers!!!! Or was it me wearing them ??? 15 years!! memories not what it used to be. Wish we could be with you to celebrate on Sunday! xxx
    February 1 at 11:38pm · Like

    Lianne Cawood It was you!!!! Out in public, well, antenatal classes!! ME, in fluffy slippers, phhttt!!xx
    February 2 at 9:53am · Like

    Cathy Raggett I know! you were 8 months pregnant and still looked gorgeous!!!
    February 2 at 2:34pm · Like

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