I thought I had forgotten what it feels like to be a teenage girl. Today Arienne and I realised we hadn’t. After setting the world to rights, as we do, as we walk amongst the most spectacular scenery in the world, acknowledging it without pausing from our non-stop chatter, we went to Cafe le Monde as we do, for our workers coffee, saving a whopping 50c because we are locals, but damn how I love that. Not the saving, but the belonging. And the word, workers. The only difference was today, as we both went up to the counter to order, we looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes on the most beautiful mans face, and both forgot what we were doing there. Never mind that we are no doubt older than even his mother and are both extremely sensible women, we were completely and utterly tongue tied. Completely and utterly dumbstruck. I think both our hands pathetically went involuntarily up to our hair, as teenage girls do to preen. We finally managed to splutter out our order and once on the pavement, burst into peals of laughter, yes very very snorty laughter, not becoming of two mature nearly 46 and 48 year olds. Bloody pathetic. But what fun to be a teenage girl for one involuntary moment again.

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    Urshela Schutte Ok this one is funny! Hope he at least smiled at u 2 “cougars”! Hehehe
    February 1 at 3:15pm · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood Not even for one minute Ursh, he was clearly so used to it, he just looked at us like oh for gods sake, pathetic women … what the hell do you want to drink!!!!??? But it was hilarious. xxx
    February 1 at 3:20pm · Like · 2

    Caroline Chart Love that!
    February 1 at 4:09pm · Like

    Ange Nixon How could he not humour you two……..2 of the most stunning women in Noosa?!?!?!
    February 1 at 4:12pm · Like

    Ahimsamurti Nicole Kretzschmar hilarious …:-)))
    February 1 at 4:35pm · Like

    Yvette Puchert Love to know what his version of the story is. These hot babes with severe speech impediments and blushing disease came into the store and then ran out laughing….?
    February 2 at 2:27am · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood We did not run … we conducted ourselves with grace and dignity!!!!! x
    February 2 at 1:06pm · Like

    Lynn Loopuyt Barker Love it x
    February 5 at 6:57am · Like

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