I  am grateful for Jem’s kindness today. She was the only one in my family who didn’t snort or giggle or do a mock tennis match sports commentary at seeing my excitement at receiving my first ever trophy today.  So what if it was just for being the 2011 ladies singles champion of the monday ladies group. I bloody love it.

4 thoughts on “fifteen

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    Cathy Raggett Well done!
    January 30 at 9:19pm · Like

    Jo Sutton Wow congrats what an amazing effort. I’ve seen those girls play n they are good, real good
    January 30 at 9:32pm · Like

    Louise Fletcher I’m impressed Lianne….not even a snort or giggle escaped me …well, maybe a giggle !!
    January 30 at 9:40pm · Like

    Ange Nixon Not a snort or a giggle from me because I too, have fallen victim to those very snorts and giggles from the family with my EFM achievements over the years………. Congratulations Lianne 🙂 xx
    January 30 at 9:47pm · Like

    Lesley Oliver Congratulations! Quite an achievement! x
    January 30 at 11:12pm · Like

    Jo Sutton What am I going to get for your birthday now!!!!
    January 30 at 11:22pm · Like · 1

    Gillian Freimond Rightford Well done! that’s awesome.
    January 31 at 5:13pm · Like

    Yvette Puchert Well done Noo!
    January 31 at 8:49pm · Like

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