I am embarassed to admit that’s what I muttered under my breath at Kate this morning. That’s because she was being one. I’ve decided it’s better to mutter. The truth is, the minute your children turn 13, they change. Never mind how perfect they are. They change. Some more subtly than others. The tough part is, you don’t.  My views are still the same. But now instead of illiciting fan mail and adoration from her, I get rolled eyes, back chat, walking away, you don’t get it, closed doors. I’ve raged, I’ve ranted, and not my finest hour, I’ve called her names. Aloud. But all I get is that look that makes me feel exactly like that idiotic person I am actually being. That holier than thou look that says she would never stoop so low. And she’s right. So, now, I turn away and mutter under my breath. All with love, of course. And because I do know, sadly, this too will pass.

6 thoughts on “bitch

  1. Don’t tell me that, Cody turns 13 in 2months! I am glad he is a boy tho cause my sister is having a terrible time with her daughter but I hate to tell you it does get worse when they are 16!! x

    • I think most teens are challenging, boys or girls, Bron … that’s why there’s champers! Give your sister support there is something uniquely challenging about a mother/daughter relationship!! xx

  2. 🙂 Love it! This too will pass should be THE parenting mantra. Lynn once said to me “just love, love, love, do it all with love” – I try remember this, and when, in mid rage I do recall her wise words, they help me to stop & hug my very beautiful 5 year old, who already knows how to slam doors!

    • I can hear Lynn saying that … love it! And you know what Kerry, as challenging as it is for us … it is so important they have a home where they feel safe to slam a door if that’s what they need to do!!! xx

  3. From facebook

    Jennifer Montgomery Spotts, Janine Daniels, Mildred Spinoza and 7 others like this.

    Jo Sutton ‎8-0 I’m shocked
    January 30 at 6:02pm · Like

    Kate Cawood That’s mean 😦
    January 30 at 6:05pm · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood Not really, my angel … just a rite of passage. I would hate it if you didn’t think I was lame from time to time. Love you to the moon and stars and back again.
    January 30 at 6:29pm · Like · 2

    Kate Cawood Yeah yeah. Love you too momma ♥
    January 30 at 6:35pm · Unlike · 5

    Janine Daniels I’m lame, I’m just ‘liking’ everything
    January 31 at 12:38am · Unlike · 1

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