I admire women. In particular the strength they often aren’t aware they have. I admire men too, but I am in awe of women. Right now so many of my friends are going through real life changing shitty times. Weird. So many and at the same time. I do feel sad for them that they are having to suffer. But I have learnt that often that is what is required to facilitate change. To open our eyes. I am so very sad for them and for their pain. For everyone’s pain. But I felt a little bubble of excitement deep down in my tummy.  I couldn’t understand why. And then I realised what it was. Excitement at the strength my friends are finding within themselves. Fuck, it is exciting. They are realising what they are worth and that they deserve better.  They deserve to be treated as the wonderful fabulous vital women they are. Respect. My new rallying cry. Trust and respect. Yeeehaaaa.

4 thoughts on “yeefuckinghaa

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    Jo-Ann Adams, Heather McNeice, Michelle Taylor and 4 others like this.

    Melissa Harris Yee fucking haa back! Thank you for writing such a poignant piece…amazingly en pointe…glad I’m not alone! ♥
    January 31 at 6:55pm · Unlike · 1

    Yvette Puchert From one sista to another!!! ♥
    January 31 at 8:51pm · Unlike · 1

    Ange Nixon ‎:)x
    January 31 at 9:42pm · Like

    Janine Hunter Amen to that x
    January 31 at 10:00pm · Like

    Janine Hunter Meant to say a(wo)men! 🙂
    February 1 at 1:40am · Unlike · 1

    Elizabeth Russell i think its time for a solid hit of tennis and champers…..
    February 1 at 12:05pm · Unlike · 1

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