There are a few things I want to get off my chest. Oh fuck, that’s hilarious. I really really didn’t mean that. But you have to admit its apt. Its this October pink thing. The breast cancer awareness thing. I have supported it resolutely every October and every year get involved. And this year I will too. Not by buying completely inappropriate products with a pink ribbon on them and most definitley not purely for the fund raising, well that that even gets where it is intended, but more for the solidarity.  I see hope and comradeship and comfort for those who need the support a group brings. I see the opportunity for some to share their love and admiration for those they know who are doing it tough. I see how those who feel hopeless in the face of it, feel they are doing something. I see its beauty in the huge strength it gives those going through breast cancer knowing they’re not alone. And I know the money raised does so much good. So much of the pink effort is about awareness and early detection of breast cancer and I get that. There is hope. It becomes about saving your breast and not losing your life. And that we can face. Save the tatas. Most of the money raised is allocated to research into early breast cancer. And by that I mean anything other than metastatic breast cancer. Breast cancer that has spread to other organs in the body.  Everyone who dies from breast cancer dies from metastatic breast cancer. It is stage 4. There is no stage 5. When I was first diagnosed I was non invasive stage 0, but with a high grade tumour. Then following my recurrences ended up invasive stage 3. An aggressive little bugger. The cancer had broken out of my breast and was on the move but hopefully we got it all before it settled anywhere. Before it metastisized. We live in hope. The reality is that 30%, yup I’m using stats, of early stage cancers will become stage 4. Will metastisize. And all breast cancer deaths occur becasue of metastasis. In fact most with stage 4 die within 24 months of diagnosis..

‘Despite these stark realities, the popular breast cancer fundraising movements give on average only 2% of their research funds to researching metastasis. Instead, their primary focus is on prevention, which does nothing to help those already diagnosed, and early detection, which does not impact those facing the ultimate death sentence of stage 4 breast cancer. And while only 6% – 10% of initial breast cancer diagnoses are metastatic, 30% of patients diagnosed with earlier stage breast cancer will eventually develop stage 4 breast cancer and die.This does not need to happen.  Many metastasis researchers believe that metastatic breast cancer could become a chronic, rather than terminal, disease, if only there were more money to do the research necessary to develop effective treatments’. These are the words of Metavivor. An organisation driving this worldwide.

So when you support any of the cancer fund raising initiatives, ask how much is being allocated to metastatic breast cancer. Or donate to Metavivor. I reckon by now we all know about breast cancer. To the point its almost become wallpaper. We are desensitised by its proliferation. I reckon most of us are over the pink. Or maybe thats just me. We all know about early detection being key. So don’t be a dick get tested. And insist on an ultrasound. But irrespective 30% will still die. And thats not pretty and that’s not pink. Discussions need to change. Things need to change. And selfishly I’m hoping it might happen in my lifetime.


2 thoughts on “bloodypink

  1. Great statement. I agree about the “pink” thing–I’m happy when people give me pink ribbon things and I celebrate 33 years since I first got breast cancer. But your comments about Stage 4 MBC really touches me–I’ve been Stage 4 since 2012, and I’m currently in remission. But there’s always that diagnosis stuck right over my head. I agree we need to fund more research on MBC and soon.

  2. From facebook

    Shelley Hopkins 🖤 x

    Lynn Loopuyt Barker ♡

    Karin Dunkin Thank you for the enlightenment. Many of these facts I did not know. I guess breast cancer awareness month has worked extra this year because you have been compelled to talk and are educating us all 💕🖤💕

    Lara Killian This I bought and have put on my TYRES and will now go and find out 🤔

    Kath Anderson So interesting Lianne. Was so pissed off to find out that Discovery Health no longer pay for mammograms annually – they now only pay for one in a 24 month cycle. Shocking and frankly, appalling. I had to pay for the mammogram I had in August because my last one was a year ago – the radiology department I went to strongly advise women to continue to have mammograms annually. WTF Discovery! Big hugs to you. 💜

    Lisa Fourie Thank you for your factual information Lianne; you’re always so honest, factual and inspiring 💞how are you going? Thinking of you often 😘

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