two hundred and seventy four


My last Zoladex implant and my oncologist is in Canada on conference. Really? I am so over needles and some barbaric sans local implants which my sister in law can attest to, all of which have made me a little tense, and so in need of my gentle caring compassionate doctor who so gets me. The fact that the locum oncologist was not comfortable doing the implants and deferred to the oncology nurses didn’t help. Yikes. So, today I am grateful not only for my last implant but also for yet another angel with a kind heart and a fabulous sense of humour.

5 thoughts on “two hundred and seventy four

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    Kerry Solomon This picture speaks a thousand words. My gosh Lianne, what you have gone through… You are so brave… You must be so happy that this is your last implant! Sending love xxx
    October 16 at 6:39am · like · 1

    Corrie Medhurst This image is very powerful for me. I understand you have had breast cancer and can empathise through your posts and from talking to you about your journey but seeing you like this is overwhelmingly real and very selfishly scares me as I’ve recently had my first mammogram. Thank you for sharing such a private moment. Cx
    October 16 at 6:05pm via mobile · like · 1

    Lianne Cawood Thank you Kerry, I am actually a bit numb, it doesn’t seem real, so very pleased. And I ‘m not really brave at all, I just did what I had to do!! And Corrie, thank you for understanding why I share, for me obviously but also to be real, to show it as it is, but hopefully not to scare you, but to see its a journey we can travel and survive. I am proud of you for getting your mammogram. xxxxxxx

  2. Just found your beautiful blog through searching for info on zoladex, and delayed my morning just to read a little bit more. Going to my doctor to get my very first implant today, and I hope the nurse will be caring and understanding. I’m 29 and going into menopause because of a difficult case of endometriosis. Life sure is interesting. 😉 Thank you for sharing your life, love the way you write.

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