two hundred and thirty four

Today I am grateful for more big smiles through bus windows and safe landings. Jem got back from her camp full of smiles, exhausted and happy to be home. I love having both my girls in their own beds. I’m a bit over whispering good night to empty rooms. At least now I won’t have to pretend I’m not.

2 thoughts on “two hundred and thirty four

  1. Enjoy is this as it passes too quickly. Bianca is engaged to be married and it was only yesterd ay I was wispering good night…..

  2. From facebook

    Jo-Ann Adams, Samantha Yates Schroeder and Angie Barnard-Engelke like this.

    Samantha Yates Schroeder Yay mom…. Done for the year now.. Pphhewww!!! X
    September 6 at 7:07am via mobile · Like

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