two hundred and three

I have mentioned B fondly refers to me as Cleese. I tend to be a tad of a dork and am often the butt of jokes in our family. In a nice way. Today I was grateful to play that role as it had the girls in absolute hysterics at lunch as Kate was updating Jem on my most recent attempt at joining in with B and Kate’s witty repartee. In my mind my comment was so funny I was already giggling, but somehow it didn’t sound the same outside of my mind. They could have at least been nice about it. Instead of rolling on the floor. Oh well. I am very grateful for a fun moment on Kate’s last day with us. I will be the butt of any joke if it helps to keep the mood light just before our baby leaves us for a month. I love how excited she is. I am grateful for her newfound fearlessness. Her readiness now to embrace a new adventure. To find the fun. Even if it is sometimes at my expense.

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    Kerry Solomon Wishing Kate a wonderful adventure, full of fun and laughter! It must be quite something, having your baby leave for a whole month! Good luck with waving her off, as she goes forth and embraces!
    August 5 at 11:39pm · Unlike · 1

    Samantha Yates Schroeder You…a dork? I don’t think so….!! Anyway.. Ah so she left today.. Ahh my friend I am sending you lots of strength & love.. & look at one of the brite sides.. You get to spend some quality time with your baby… As I did when Cam was away.. Enjoy & be brave… Like Kate.. Xx
    August 6 at 3:13pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood Thank you both and Samantha, spend a bit more time with us and you’ll discover my cleese like ways!!!! xxx
    August 6 at 8:26pm · Like

    Samantha Yates Schroeder Yes… But looking like you.. You could never be anything but a Gorgeous Cleese……. See ya at the beach xx
    August 6 at 9:19pm via mobile · Like

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