one hundred and seventy nine


I got swept off my feet this afternoon. Literally. I fell down the stairs at the cinema complex near the coffee club. Converse are not good in the wet. I landed on my coccyx and slid down three for four stairs before coming to a pathetic halt. I couldn’t move. Even though every part of my being was telling me to get up. I couldn’t. Of course there were heaps of people in the coffee club. Most too embarrassed for me to offer any help. One lovely lady ran to me and the young boy behind (pardon the pun) the counter asked if I wanted an ice pack. I had to smile. It was one of those moments you think can’t really be happening, but fuck it was so sore, there was no doubt it had. So that is why tonight I am very grateful for the black pepper and clove heat pack I bought only this week, especially for muscular pain. Who knew.

1 thought on “one hundred and seventy nine

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    Lesley Oliver, Jo-Ann Adams and 2 others like this.

    Theresa Milne Symptom of ‘grounded’ being shaken up earlier. Takes a while for the balance to return. Tread gently xx
    July 12 at 9:52pm via mobile · like · 1

    Lianne Cawood Hey T, the irony hadn’t escaped me either!! One just has to sit and smile. x
    July 12 at 9:55pm · Like · 1

    Theresa Milne Walk on the soil or sea sand with bare feet. Also sit with both feet on floor and imagine breathing air in through yr feet for about 10 minutes x
    July 12 at 9:58pm via mobile · like · 1

    Angie Barnard-Engelke Eina!
    July 12 at 10:00pm via mobile · like · 1

    Kerry Solomon Ouch! How are you feeling this morning? Hope not too sore xxx
    July 13 at 9:53am · Like

    Louise Fletcher Ooooh ..sounds painful, both physically and emotionally (embarrassment !) Suppose you can’t even blame the wine either …x
    July 13 at 4:35pm via mobile · like · 1

    Lesley Oliver Hope you feeling OK? So undignified! Damn those Converse! xx
    July 13 at 6:20pm · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood Thank you all for your concern … I actually felt fine the next morning, cos it was completely numb … now I can feel the bruising.. it just means I sit and lie funny!!! x
    July 15 at 10:00am · Like

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