one hundred and seventy four

I felt chilled to my bones today. I suspect it might have something to do with a fairly challenging day. I am grateful for our table burner. For its warmth and its beauty. I love how something so small can transform, not only a room, but a mood too.

1 thought on “one hundred and seventy four

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    Caroline Chart Love not just like this post!
    July 8 at 9:07am · like · 1

    Lianne Cawood Did you see if you click the words table burner in the blog it takes you to xxxx

    Ethanol Burners at FLiP Home – Furniture, Gifts & Homewares
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    Caroline Chart Love that too!
    July 8 at 3:06pm · like · 1

    Kim Logan Too clever Lianne xx
    July 9 at 9:26am via mobile · like · 1

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