one hundred and fifty three


I am grateful for books. For new books, for secondhand books and for rare books. For fiction and non-fiction. For coffee table and for bedside. I love all books. Except e-books. I am grateful I have a love for books and for reading. I love that my girls do too. I am especially grateful for the morning spent browsing in Berkelouw books. A new thing for our family to do together. After breakfast out of course.

4 thoughts on “one hundred and fifty three

  1. Nothing better than a day spent browsing books. I was given a Kindle Fire for Christmas in some misguided hope it would curtail my book collecting. ha! I watch movies on it and continue to surround myself with piles and piles of books.

    • I can so relate, I’ve downloaded heaps onto our i-pad … have yet to read one. Actually I lie, I read one by a friend of mine only because book form wasn’t available yet … but no more. Not for me. I’m too tactile clearly.

    • Absolutely … and I have been known to hold my book to my face to delay the inevitable or clutch it to my chest as I kill myself laughing at something … it is the feeling thing, an ebook is so cold. So removed.

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