little rant

Realising how young Jem really still is and being grateful for her little quirks got me thinking about something that does actually bother me a bit. I’m a little taken aback by how some parents let their young girls and by this I guess I’m referring to girls of thirteen, fourteen and under, dress. We are encouraging our daughters to grow up, yet we are the very ones who shake our heads in regret at how quickly they are growing up. I do agree we need to let them be themselves and grow and experiment but we also need to be parents, guiding and explaining and sharing. I thought about this a couple of weekends ago as a group of girls walked down Thomas Street, tottering on heels they couldn’t walk in, some wearing skirts that barely covered their fannies, hair and make up done to the nines, walking in a pack. They then crossed the road, clearly uncertain what to do with this so called womanly fabulousness. And got ice-creams. They were all about 12 or 13, apparently year 7’s.  Inappropriately revealingly dressed and thankfully nowhere to go. And they looked ridiculous. Like girls who were playing dress up. But weren’t. All self aware, and self-conscious wearing bustiers but with no busts. Well, some of them. I loved Noosa then for those girls, but I truly truly did wonder, what were their moms thinking

3 thoughts on “little rant

  1. Ooih (sp?) …………..I am SO with you on this ………..and SO grateful for the wonderful, honest, self assured innocence of our girls…….long may they hold fast to these beautiful qualities……long may their uniqueness keep them strong and away from the need to submit to the pack. I too am far from a prude. But I am somewhat precious. Particularly when it comes to what is precious x

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    Samantha Yates Schroeder I so agree with you!!! I just can’t like these bikini looking denim shorts the girls are wearing with there bums sticking out.. Good body or not it looks terrible!!! Surely we should teach our girls not to put it all on display.. & value other assets besides external…? Phheewww not looking forward to THAT stage!!!!!!! ; /. X
    May 29 at 11:17am via mobile ·like · 1

    Lianne Cawood Agree … and there’s only a window where we can still make the judgement call for them, and we should be making it!!! And you all know I’m not a prude!!!!!!! xx
    May 29 at 4:25pm · Like · 1

    Kerry Solomon Agree!!!
    May 29 at 11:32pm · Like

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