one hundred and thirty four

Jem wore the wrong uniform to school again today. Mondays are not her day. Nor mine clearly, as I had to respond to the frantic call to please bring her sports uniform. Just as I was muttering to myself about the fact that she is so irresponsible and far too old to still be so disorganised I was confronted by BigBoy on her bed wearing her bowler hat. I am  grateful for BigBoy because he reminded me that she is still a little girl. And because he made me smile, really smile, and remember how much I love the fact and always will, that Jem has always had her head in the clouds. Has always had time to stop and smell the roses. Time to put bowler hats on her soft toys. Time for things that really matter, things that bring her joy. I hope she always does. Who cares about uniforms anyway.

5 thoughts on “one hundred and thirty four

    • Love that you got something from it Tam. As a mom of a young girl/woman I’m sure you too have those moments when you are blessed to be reminded they are still young. There is just too much of a rush to grow up. xxx

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    Melissa Harris He’s very very handsome…bowler hats become him! Love this.
    May 28 at 8:48pm · like · 1

    Samantha Yates Schroeder Wiwoowoowhhhoo…. How beautiful of u to have stopped & noticed something so simple yet beautiful.. X
    May 28 at 9:15pm via mobile · Like

    Sandi Unite Precious Jem!!
    May 28 at 10:46pm · Like

    Bryan Cawood Reading this makes me really miss home….:(
    May 29 at 3:38am · Like · 2

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