one hundred and eight


Tonight I was grateful for the easily understood problem solving steps for my miele washing machine. (A golden problem as B would put it, I know, but a damn inconvenience nonetheless). And for the easily accessible online instruction manual because someone seems to have hidden my house file. I am also grateful that I was able to manage a wry smile at the fact that whenever I am on my own, things requiring a technical mind go wrong. What is with that.

2 thoughts on “one hundred and eight

  1. Would it make a difference my very capable , immediate, in control, out of control wonderful friend and sister? x

    • You do make me laugh … you are absolutely right, probably not! I did chuckle to myself though as I was posting it, there were so many sweet grateful moments in my day yesterday, but none came close to the feeling when at 11.30pm (yes, like you my day seems to start after dinner, the rest is pure procrastination) I got the machine working. Pathetic, but I guess that’s the point of this hey? To change the way I sometimes see things. If I try approach it with a different attitude. In this case, a grateful one. Miss you. x

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