a gift

Arienne and I had a chat with an inspiring woman today. An unexpected gift, this chat. She is a fifty something stylish elegant Canadian woman who has lived in Australia since she was nineteen. She is a true example of a woman living her life by her ideals. Living fearlessly. She was driving home late last friday afternoon (she lives in Eumundi which is a bit away from town), when she spotted three young hitchhikers. She noticed them particularly because the only girl was carrying a suitcase. Who hitchhikes with a suitcase, she wondered. And the poor girl was struggling a bit. And there was a storm brewing. And they were carrying a sign for Airlie Beach. Which is over 800kms away. She passed them and then seeing the sky, she turned back. She asked if they knew how far away Airlie beach was. A dutch boy and a french boy and girl, they clearly didn’t. Nor that it was illegal to hitchhike in Australia. She thinks it was because she was once looked after as a young hitchhiker that made her offer. Offer to give them a lift. And a place to stay for the night because of the impending storm. The trio graciously declined and said they would attempt to get a bit further. She gave them her number to call her if they changed their mind. And off she went. They did. And what a perfectly wonderful evening she had. What lovely young graduates with much to share. And even more perfect when the young frenchman said he would like to contribute to dinner as he had some food with him.  She was not expecting Tasmanian Salmon.  In a backpack en route to Airlie Beach. How perfectly french. She giggled and laughed and remembered as she shared. What a gift to her that evening was. How many of us would have done that? How many of us would have even considered it? The compassion, empathy and concern for others so outweighed her concern for herself. How wonderful to live a life free of fear. How inspiring. What a wonderful gift she gave them. The gift of her, of her time, of her lack of judgement. The gift of kindness. What a wonderful gift she gave us today. By simply sharing.

5 thoughts on “a gift

  1. What a lovely story……….perhaps we will see them, the hitchhikers, we are going o Airlie this weekend 🙂 x

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    Ahimsamurti Nicole Kretzschmar What a great story and it is something I think about so very many times when I drive the long dirt roads to the farm every day. I once stopped, during a massive highveld downpour, to offer a lift to a woman caught up in the pelting rain. She ran away from me, terrified that I could hurt her! We have not trust in SA …
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    Yvette Puchert Great and inspiring. I often wonder as I’m driving past someone if I should stop and then “common sense” (fear!!!) steps in and says don’t be daft – not in South Africa! In Riebeek Kasteel and surrounds I pick people who look familiar up…moms with babies etc. Strangers – no! Amazing how fear stops you from doing amazing things!
    May 2 at 5:04pm · Like · 1

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