thirty one

Today I was relieved to hear my dad had had a successful prostrate op. Third time lucky. And a good night in ICU. I am so grateful to him for looking after his health and fitness all these years. I wish I could be there. I wish I could hug him. But spending a quiet moment, having a flat white with him, on a bench on his favourite river, was the best I could do. So I am grateful for the memory of him here, because it felt like he was right there with me.

5 thoughts on “thirty one

  1. Those quiet moments with loved ones are very special (even when they aren’t physically with you) … Thinking of you and your family xx

    • Thank you Lisa. It is tough being so far away from those who matter, especially during times of need. But I do take comfort in the knowledge that they know how I feel. So … day by day, moment by moment xxx

  2. From facebook

    Heather McNeice, Jennifer Montgomery Spotts, Lynda Nunes and 4 others like this.

    Theresa Milne glad to hear it Lianne, must be such a relief xxx
    February 15 at 8:34pm · like · 1

    Kerry Solomon I’m so pleased the surgery went well. Wonderful news! I’m thinking of your dad and wishing him a speedy recovery
    February 15 at 9:11pm · like · 1

    Samantha Yates Schroeder Yayayayayyayayyy for u all xxxx
    February 15 at 10:22pm · Like

    Janine Daniels Thinking of you all babe xxx
    February 15 at 11:58pm · Like

    Kath Anderson Such good news Lianne. xx
    Thursday at 1:19am · Like

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