Another friend, a very supportive friend, commented on how difficult it was for her to share. And how uncomfortable her family would be it if she spoke about them the way I do mine. I respect that. I respect her. She always makes me think.To be honest, Jem has an issue with my posts. Her issue is that I always post about Kate. Actually Kate has an issue too. Hers is that one of her friends saw my drama post and said gee, your mum swears. A lot.  And you all do know of course despite my potty mouth, neither of my kids swear. Or probably because of it. So uncool mom. I think I have always been able to share. But I also know I used to censor myself. I used to only share the bits that would paint a pretty picture. And that’s where I’m not alone. But life isn’t very pretty all the time. But it is a journey. And for me it’s been a journey of finding my self respect. Of earning my self respect. Respect is everything to me. I respect you, and that’s why I am happy to share. To be honest. About everything. I know it bothers some of you and I know some of you just aren’t interested. And that’s all good. If only one of you gets some comfort, some courage in my daily (or not ) sharing about my issues, issues we are all confronted with, and some that I pray none of you will be, then I am happy. And I’m especially happy when that one is me.

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  1. I get similar comments too – i say screw it – if it feels wrong – i dont share – but if i have something on my mind – i do it – be it a post, a tweet, a pic or just me posting – fuckit – it makes me happy … and if those we aren’t happy with it – it’s easy to resolve …

    … hide all posts from x person! Keep it up! I often check whats been written here – enjoy it 😉

  2. Well said. Sometimes it is confronting for me to read these posts. But, it’s great to see you putting it out there. People might ask why I’m posting this rather than just talking to you when I get home from this marathon trip from Perth, but I guess I’m talking to the person blogging. Bit weird I know, as you’re my wife. But the sense of strength I get from you, the writer, is different to the person I know. Perhaps more of the naysayers should give it a whirl. They might start to discover themselves. Keep your journey going. The girls and I will just hold our breath every day to see what it is you want to share. It’s our journey too…

    • I get all of it. And just like I’m the person blogging, you’re the character B. How funny. Thank you angel for your support, and for travelling with me … I promise I’ll try keep the cringe moments to the minimum.

  3. Leanne, your posts are getting braver, more honest and more impact-full. I love your family interaction – you’re all such beautiful souls. I’m so happy to be watching this journey xxx

    • Thanks Nicole, as always a lovely comment … my intention with this was always to be honest … and when you are honest, it is amazing how brave you can become. It is what it is. xxx

  4. From facebook

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    Owen Leed ‎:-)))))
    February 15 at 2:00pm · Like

    Corrie Medhurst I have to say I love your posts. It’s rare to find someone as unafraid as you. You make me smile everyday!! Xxx
    February 15 at 8:44pm · Unlike · 1

    Kerry Solomon I love your blog! It’s inspiring, it makes me want to write my own! 🙂 When we first heard about our move to Aus I did actually open a blog address so that I could share this journey in an honest and frank way with those that may have been interested. Then (because we only had 6 weeks to pack and sell and, and, and) I got busy and have not written anything yet. If I do start writing though, it will be with as much honesty as you write your posts with, otherwise really, what would be the point. So thank you for sharing Lianne. I look forward to reading your posts every single day! Oh and a friend of mine saw the link on my FB page, read the one blog, went on to read loads, and just loved it! She said you seem like such a cool chick! 🙂
    Thursday at 12:07am · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood Hey Kerry … it’s a bloody long time since I’ve been called a cool chick. So … thanks hehe. xxx
    Thursday at 2:49pm · Like

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