I am very grateful today that the brand B created has a black and white logo. I am grateful because it is youi‘s annual party tonight and the theme is black and white, I am hungover from last night and my wardrobe consists of only black. With a little white. And maybe a few touches of beige. And some grey melange. Love that word. But mostly black.

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    Melissa Harris I feel like such a twit…but what is ‘melange’? (Is it organe? Cause you’d look AMAZING in some orange..or, excuse me, ‘tangerine’ (plum in mouth)…so tell me…melange?? ♥
    January 21 at 5:03pm · Like

    Lianne Cawood It’s not a colour, more a fabric, melange meaning mix in french so not a solid colour but a mix of diff yarns creating a ‘textured’ effect, like a classic melange grey t-shirt??? Not explaining well, but love you for imagining me in orange!! Naah, the wardrobe is very devoid of colour. ♥
    January 21 at 5:27pm · Like · 1

    Melissa Harris Oh but sweetie, your glorious Spirit is all rainbow!! ♥
    January 21 at 5:28pm · Unlike · 2

    Janine Hunter I love your blog Lianne – you make my day xxxxxxxxxxxx
    January 21 at 7:57pm · Unlike · 1

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