I am most grateful for my angel of mercy today. She is shy and kind and quietly looks after people as she takes their blood for various sinister or not reasons. She is a phlebotomist as I recently learned. Par excellence. My veins hardened due to the poison passing through them during my eight months of chemo. From being ok having my blood taken I have become anxiety-ridden at the thought.  Due to the agony I experience every time as my veins are poked around in, often to no avail. But this sweet angel gets it every time. And gets me.

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    • Hey. Sorry, just so a part of my life don’t think it’s odd to share this. Get my bloods checked every three months, just before I have my implant which I need to keep me in menopause which I need to be in for my medication yadda yadda yadda. Over the needles, but am ever so grateful. I am. Really, I am. And especially for your concern. xx

  1. You are an angel. You’ve made me cry. I am with you sister, every step of the way. Love your writing, love your sharing. Thank you. It sure makes one truly grateful for everything. I am blessed to have you in my life…now come on home for a bit. We miss you. ❤

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    Theresa Milne God bless carers who have big hearts and big bless to you for allowing others to know that there is life on the other side
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