Today was the first time I heard Kate swear.  Hilarious I know considering her mother’s favourite adjective is fucking.  As in that dress is fucking nice.  No prizes for guessing why she felt the need.  Her first relationship.  As in this is crap.  I am writing it here because it is burning up inside me and I just can’t say it to her … so here goes … I told you so.  Whilst  I love being right this is one time I wish I wasn’t.  It is so hard watching the emotions flit across her face as her childish expectations of how others should behave are shattered one by one.  Just when I thought what do I do if it all ends and she crumbles, she sighed, put down her mobile and said this is crap.  As in, I just can’t be bothered with this. Hard to disagree with her.  It is crap.  But as she keeps reminding me, it’s her crap and she has to experience it.   I promise I am letting go.  But I did manage to dictate a few responses for her first.

3 thoughts on “crap

    • Courteney Savannah Longmore … it depends from whose point of view and from how it’s said and from the point of view of the person writing the blog who happens to be the aunt of the nearly 16 year old who wants a double piercing but might not get it if her aunt has anything to do with it. Love you angel.

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    Sandi Unite Parenthood!!! Something i don’t miss. Stay centred and chill, she’s divine. Lots of love
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