I am grateful for my daughter’s friendship with my friend’s son.  He brings such a fabulous energy into our home every time he visits.  He is kind, cheeky, charming, challenging and fun.  He has such enthusiasm for life that it is truly infectious.  The girls and I all become a lot lighter and a lot more fun when he is around.  He had us at hello.

2 thoughts on “two

  1. Oh My Goodness Lianne, that has just brought a sea of happy tears into mu eyes and pouring down my cheeks… what sensational words.
    Thank you my friend, thank you so much xxxxx You are a gift.

    Love always

  2. From Facebook

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    Tamara Ogilvy Wow….. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you xox
    January 17 at 8:03pm · Unlike · 1

    Lynne Meinstein Mausenbaum Lianne, love your blog – thanks for sharing. xx
    January 17 at 8:43pm · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood Thanks Lynne, comment much appreciated due to fragile sense of self etc etc … and Tam, it’s me who is saying thank you. It’s true. xx
    January 18 at 10:29am · Like

    Heather McNeice Hey Lianne, just back today and discovered your blog (have had a bit of a break from FB) . I love it! Congratulations on just doing it – Enjoy! xx
    January 18 at 4:29pm · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood Hey Heather McNeice, welcome back!! It looks like you had a wonderful time, can’t wait to catch up. mmmm re this blog thing … but must say it is quite startling how your mind goes to the positive. Chat soon xx
    January 18 at 6:51pm · Like · 1

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