two hundred and ninety eight


Today was not the best day. It appears we may have a deal breaker building issue on the house. No supplier is responding when they said they would. The bank manager is on leave, her replacement is ill and the relevant file is in transit. Our attorney speaks in legalese. My husband is away again. My teenage daughter and I are rubbing each other up the wrong way. My youngest daughter’s friends are hurting her feelings. Not the best day for that either, because I was already on the warpath. I left three messages for B. I am grateful my fourth call got through, not because anything was resolved but because when I started to rant at him too saying, surely you should be able to take a call from your mother, I mean wife, B burst out laughing. I did try cover it up but no way. It was very funny. I am so very grateful for the perspective of a belly laugh. It is so easy to take life much too seriously.

2 thoughts on “two hundred and ninety eight

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    Samantha Yates Schroeder It must be something in the air…. xx
    November 8 at 7:50pm via mobile · Like

    Ahimsamurti Nicole Kretzschmar if its any consolation Mecury has gone retrograde until month end so nothing is going to happen like we plan, or wish it to. Just go with the flow xxx
    November 8 at 7:58pm · like · 1

    Jo-Ann Adams Classic Noosa! Hope all goes well !
    November 8 at 8:18pm via mobile · like · 1

    Susie Pitts Tomorrow will be better, let things settle into their course and take deep breaths. x
    November 8 at 8:21pm · like · 1

    Kerry Solomon Ha ha, love the Freudian slip. I hope all works out Lianne. Sometimes these things happen just to show us how much we want it… Deep breaths, some wine, as much trust in the universe as possible, and a better day tomorrow. xxx
    November 8 at 8:56pm · like · 1

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