two hundred and sixty six

I am grateful for my best kind of day. A day spent pitter pottering around the house catching up with ourselves. A day spent in my pj’s until 11am. (I only got dressed cos Kate’s Sam was popping around and Kate would have been mortified. Actually I would have been too.) A day that started with an hour to spare because we forgot about daylight saving and our phones aka our clocks are set to Sydney time. A day with my best kind of lunch, turkish with bits and pieces, which Jem always manages to turn into her signature cupcake extravaganzas. A day of too many coffees, homemade pancakes and giggles from the pool. I am grateful for the perfect simplicity of today.


1 thought on “two hundred and sixty six

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    Kerry Solomon Sounds like a divine day! We had home-made pancakes for breakfast too, perfectly done by Ross. It was Sasha’s birthday request, pancakes with Nutella – yum!
    October 7 at 10:37pm · Like

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