two hundred and thirty

1 September.  I am grateful that life has gone back to Cawood normal so quickly.  Kate and Jem had some loving sisterly chat which ended in Jem storming off to her room. After a while I went to check … and found her lying there having torn a toothpaste box into itty bitty little pieces and spelt out love with a heart, peace with a peace sign and happy with a smiley face. I’m not sure whether I was disturbed at the slight obsessive tendency emerging or grateful that clearly my bleating on about positive affirmations might have registered somewhere. I wish my sister was still at googa, I love, I choose peace, I am happy, this feels good, I love, I choose peace, I am happy, why am I in my room again, I love, I choose peace, I am happy, I know she loves me, I love, I choose peace, I am happy. Or something like that.

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