two hundred and fifteen

17 August. We have always been close but I am grateful for the increased intimacy between Jem and I at the moment. It seems she is also feeling the space left by Kate being away and wants to be even closer to B and I. I am grateful for this little reprieve from time. I know how fleeting it can be and will cherish it. I am loving the little air of fragility about us all, and the awareness it brings. Life is precious.

1 thought on “two hundred and fifteen

  1. From facebook

    Heather McNeice and 2 others like this.

    Kerry Solomon Wow Jem is beautiful!!! She looks so much like you. Enjoy this precious time with her. Very special indeed xxx
    August 18 at 1:12pm · Like

    Samantha Yates Schroeder Gorgeous gorgeous girls….. xx
    August 18 at 7:35pm via mobile · Like

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