one hundred and seventy six


Apparently I never put my feet up. I’m alway busy doing something even if its actually nothing (now thats a thought worthy of much discussion over many glasses of red wine). Anyway, I think its that relentless participation thing I suffer from. But I am getting better. I am. Today I put my feet up. Only because they looked so pretty. I’m not a colour on my toes kind of girl. I think it’s because I’m not good at maintenance. I’m too busy relentlessly participating. So today I am grateful for a wonderful hours indulgence and my pretty toes.

5 thoughts on “one hundred and seventy six

  1. I have learned , in the most recent months that putting my feet up is okay. I too was never still.Stillness speaks.I have listened and heard.
    The notion that if I was still I was being unproductive was deeply ingrained.. Gratefully I have been taught that we as a society( the one us South Africans were raised in) do not put enough emphasis on being still and doing nothing. I am grateful to be able to do nothing and feel no guilt. Enjoy.

    • Thanks you for this response Lynda … I am learning too. Actually being still with me more than ever before in my life over the past years here in Australia has been fabulously informative and eye opening … I so agree with you about the notion of stillness being seen as unproductive. I’m still learning to let go of the guilt .. but am well on my way. We have nothing to prove to anyone. xxx

  2. From facebook

    Samantha Yates Schroeder, Angie Barnard-Engelke and 2 others like this.

    Sandi Unite I have perfected the art of doing nothing in a vry busy eay
    July 10 at 1:15am via mobile · like · 1

    Samantha Yates Schroeder They look fab… Keep it up heheheheheee x
    July 10 at 8:44am via mobile · like · 2

    Lianne Cawood Hehe Sandi … you and me both and absolutely in a very very busy way … xx
    July 10 at 5:46pm · Like

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