one hundred and thirty seven



I found my old recipe book, from when I was ten or so. I have promised to make rusks for the girls and knew I had my gran’s recipe somewhere. I am grateful I kept this old recipe book, not only for the only rusk recipe worth keeping but for the wonderful memory of me and my ouma and a typewriter. I loved those days and my rusks might not be as good as my gran’s but they will be filled with wonderful memories and so much love.

One thought on “one hundred and thirty seven

  1. From facebook

    Louise Fletcher, Lesley Oliver and 2 others like this.

    Kerry Solomon What a precious keepsake (and useful one!) to find Lianne. How lovely to have something that holds such beautiful memories for you xxx
    June 1 at 12:23am · Like

    Samantha Yates Schroeder Aaahhhh so special… Xxx
    June 1 at 7:11am via mobile · Like

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