one hundred and twenty five


I love driving around looking at houses, even if it is at times perplexing. I love the obligatory coffee and hot chocolate stop at Costa Noosa in Sunshine Beach to plan our next move. I am grateful that Jem loves it all as much as me. And is a better navigator than me.

1 thought on “one hundred and twenty five

  1. I love driving around looking at houses too ~ just not here in Mackay! We simply just cannot find the ‘perfect’ house, if there ever is such a thing. Everything here is so expensive for what you get – a ‘basic’ 3 bed 2 (sometimes only 1) bathroom home – in an ideal world I would like 5 bed/at least 3 bathrooms and at least 2000m2 – but this is not an ideal world or situation!!! Fingers crossed for Saturday – we have another viewing at 10 am – maybe just maybe………………

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