one hundred and fifteen

I am horrified at how rapidly my eyes are getting weaker. I realised today I can’t even do groceries without my readers … not if I want to read any form of small print. They are just all so uninspiring. So, at the risk of being seen as very shallow I am so grateful for online shopping today, and the four pairs of funky readers I ordered, from vintage to cats eyes and even George Burns inspired ones.

2 thoughts on “one hundred and fifteen

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    Sandi Unite Those look gorgeous. What’s the website? Be careful when doing banking etc, I paid R15000 too much on my last telephone account, probably because I need a stronger lens now. Wonder how I am going to get that back! Lots of love
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    Leanne Angel Braithwaite so with you on this one!…
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    Lianne Cawood Whoooops Sandi! This is the link …

    Funky Fashion Reading Glasses @ Debspecs
    From lazer cut metal eyeglass frames to hounds tooth patterned plastics, find your unique, cutting edge reading glass fashions here.

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