We were all in tears tonight. All three of us girls. Jem over her friends (girls can be such little bitches), Kate over a boy (boys can be so pathetic) and me just because I felt like it. It was either too long a long weekend, which is when I think we all do feel B not being home the most. Or it was all the oestrogen. Or the lack of in my case.  If we aren’t crying, we’re yelling, or we’re laughing. Sometimes even all at the same time. Menopause and puberty were simply not supposed to happen simultaneously. It can all just get a bit messy. But the messy emotional girly stuff isn’t always all that bad. Sometimes it’s just necessary. Sometimes it’s just what is needed.

3 thoughts on “messy

  1. My darling friend. It has been a massive full moon, and the closest that the moon has been to the Earth for the last 2 days. It brings much turbulance on the earth and water. We are made up of 70% water… I understand your feelings, we too have had it in my home. It is hard as a mom to not find blame or want to fix everyone elses emotions as well as our own. Thank you for sharing this post. It always makes me realise we are human and we are all in this together, and there really is no perfcetion when it comes to humans…. (exhale) …. Love you

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