ninety eight


22 April. I am grateful for laughter, for laughter so loud it’s almost madness. For memories of Mutt and Jeff and being called Linky. And for wonderfully irreverent colleagues who will forever remain friends. Friends who will travel over a mountain, catch up a lifetime in an hour, inspire you simply by who they are, share a bond in a minute, genuinely wish you happiness and contentment. And you them. Forever.  I am so very grateful for the support, love, irritability, hot flushes and honesty we share. And for having a friend who wrote the most fabulous cookbook ever.

4 thoughts on “ninety eight

  1. And we are grateful to you. For your beauty, your bravery, your honesty. Your friendship and your familiarity, even after all these years of being apart. So that we can always pick up where we never left off. xxx

  2. From facebook

    Angie Barnard-Engelke and Lesley Oliver like this.

    Lesley Oliver Fabulous to see that the 3 of you got together again! Much love to all, Megan Clausen, Shea, xx
    April 23 at 5:42pm · Like

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