eighty six

10 April. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular offering of The Phantom of the Opera with my family. And in particular my girls. I loved how moved they were by it, but even more so by the empathy and compassion shown by Kate at the young man begging in the street on a cold night with only a blanket for company as we left the theatre. At the unfairness of it all. At the sad jolt of reality. I only wished I could find the words to stop her tears. It is just not right.

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    Kerry Solomon This post has really made me think. So much so that I’ve taken a couple of days to make a comment. You are correct, it is just not right. It really isn’t. How lovely that Kate has so much compassion and empathy. How many times have I driven past beggars with little or no emotional reaction (reasons are varied). How different the reality is where I am now. When I first got here I kept thinking “welcome to the real world” – i.e. life without full time help in the home, taking my kids EVERYWHERE with me, cleaning my own toilet, hanging my own laundrY. But SA is the real world too, for those that live in it, and certainly you do not get more real than a Young man begging on a cold night. Is living here and “forgetting” about the reality morally correct and just how life is, or is it as bad as living there and ignoring the reality. As I’ve said, you’ve really made me think. On a different note I believe Phantom is amazing – an all SA cast and something to be very proud of!
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    Lianne Cawood Hey Kerry … all of the above. Its all a bit fucked up isn’t it? So my advise is to do what we can where we can when we can to make a difference, however slight in someones life. Someone who needs it more than us. And to never shut our eyes. And to be thankful and take nothing for granted. xxx
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    Lianne Cawood And you have no idea how fabulous the production was. Indeed something to be very very proud of. Moving me to tears fabulous. xxx
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