sixty four


I am grateful for big girls who are still my precious little girls. The sight of Kate coming in to the lounge to tell me something clutching her iphone in one hand and Tem, her first ever teddy in the other, is just too precious. The teddy was a gift from B’s parents, shortly before his dad,Tem passed away. Tem is who both Kate and Jem choose to cuddle when either are feeling sick or sad. I am grateful for the love my children have for the grandfather they never really knew. But clearly do.

3 thoughts on “sixty four

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    Angie Barnard-Engelke and Janette Webb like this.

    Kerry Solomon Beautiful…
    March 19 at 9:50pm · Like

    Angie Barnard-Engelke I can already see my Ava at 20 months old getting attached to 2 Teddies. Lovely read
    March 20 at 7:25am · Like

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