I love living above the best pizza place in town. I am grateful for ‘like homemade’ pizza’s, thin crispy bases overflowing with fresh basil or rocket. But my real grateful today is for the person I shared pizzas with tonight. The first person I met in Noosa. Properly met. The first person who really made me feel welcome. Tamara has been around in my new life for nearly four years. She was the first person I met who I could talk to and laugh with. Yes, Tam is from Zim and that did help when I first arrived, surrounded by difference, but it’s more than that. She is full of shit, she is controversial, she is affectionate, she is naughty, she is heaps of fun, she does not judge, she is different to me in many ways, she is like me in many ways. She just is. She really makes me laugh, and I know she would be there, no matter what and no matter when. And for that I am grateful.

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