When life isn’t great, you really know who your friends are. I do agree with this, and I know a lot of my friends are feeling it right now. And that sucks. To know you can’t always count on people you thought you could. But what I find even more interesting are the friends that are only there when your life isn’t great. When you are suffering. When you are sad. When you are ill. When you are struggling. There is a name for this, where your friends almost take ownership of your suffering. On a compassionate level, I am sure it makes them feel worthy. And it is sad that they feel they are only better when others aren’t.  As soon as you seem to be handling, and god forbid exceeding, they disappear. And not in a noble Florence Nightingale kind of way. How sad is that.  So to all my friends, those present, those absent, I salute you for all that you are, and once were to me. And hope you find happiness within.

7 thoughts on “salute

  1. You know the saying …. Friends come into your life either for a day, a season or a life-time. Some friends are TRUE BLESSINGS whilst others have been sent to test us. Maybe those friends that are here for you when things are bad – have been sent to help, and once your strength is gained and life is good again, they feel that maybe they are not needed by you as much. As for the ‘fair-weathered friends’ – well they seem to be around – and boy have they invaded the world! They are the ones that get sent to test us and teach us some life’s lessons. I think the only person one can really count on is your family and yourself! The rest … well … take it with a pinch of salt and take what YOU want out of it. One can only count ones TRUE FRIENDS on one hand – and if it goes beyond the number one or two – then you are very lucky. I’d rather have ONE TRUE FRIEND than 5 or more fair-weathered energy suckers! Sending you lots of love … and KEEP SMILING xx (ps – BELIEVE IN TRUST FOR ONLY THEN CAN TRUST BELIEVE IN YOU :o) )

  2. I hear you Nadja and couldn’t agree more. I guess I’m referring to those friends who feed off your need, but don’t celebrate your successes. We all know those friends. It about them and not you. Sometimes, I just hate that I don’t see it. And end up feeling the fool. But I guess there-in lies the lesson … tolerance, compassion and letting go!!!! xxx

  3. You are one SPECIAL lady ❤ – Oh and by the way … You are not the fool … 'THEY' are! You are true to your soul, and that Li, is a very rare and unique quality! It is 'THEM' that are the FOOLS, as it says more about their character and flaws than it does about yours. Always remember that when one door shuts – another opens. HAPPY MONDAY and remember that you are loved more than what you realise. xx

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