I am grateful today to have two daughters that just get on with their homework. No cajoling, no threatening, no fighting, no bribing, no cheek. I am grateful for my two self motivated daughters. So much so, that when I feel I should offer some homework input, I am often shunned. I am secretly grateful for that too.

3 thoughts on “fifty

  1. Lianne, you don’t know how lucky you are. My two boys, didn’t ever seem to do any homework! If they did it was with much cajoling, nagging, and fighting. However, I am grateful that they both did really well when push came to shove in matric both graduating with A aggregates. Adam is now a Business Science graduate from UCT and Daniel is in his 4th year of the same degree. So be grateful for their diligence and you can be assured of great things still to come.

    • Lynne, I am astounded that your sons are so big … but not that they are doing so well!!! I have been told that girls generally are more diligent than boys, so that might have something to do with it!! But they are wonderful daughters and people and B and I are blessed and grateful. xxx

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    Kerry Solomon Seriously, I so hope I’m in that situation too one day 🙂 Lucky, lucky you, and your girls are looking as gorgeous as ever! Strange that I won’t be seeing them this April… such sweet, polite, beautiful girls.
    March 5 at 6:12pm · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood I am lucky K, but think they also have grown over time to know what the parameters are in our family … just be firm and consistent and with a bit of luck your girls will be the same … also anecdotally according to my friends, boys are different!!! x
    March 6 at 4:08pm · Like · 1

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