forty one

Being the mom of a gorgeous teenage girl is quite challenging. I imagine being the daughter of a control freak mom must be quite challenging too. We have some very funny moments. Some very emotional moments. Some quite volatile moments. Those moments where I’m not sure who the adult is anymore. Which is why I am very grateful we talk and giggle and share. A  near perfect moment today, the beach, a flat white from Hard Cafe and a girly chat with Kate.

2 thoughts on “forty one

  1. From facebook

    Samantha Yates Schroeder, Kerry Solomon, Lesley Oliver and 2 others like this.

    Michelle Gilder Just gorgeous
    February 26 at 12:37am · Like

    Jayne Aron I love reading your blogs 🙂 they are so good !
    February 26 at 2:30pm · Like

    Lianne Cawood ‎Michelle, can you believe how big she’s got?? And Jayne, thank you so much for that, you know how much validation means to me!!! hehe xxx
    February 26 at 4:56pm · Like

    Corrie Medhurst She is stunning just like her mum!!!
    February 26 at 7:13pm · Like

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