thirty nine

I was B’s assistant today. His dorky fall over the tripod assistant. I worked harder than I ever have done before doing things I would never have done before. And had a fabulous time doing it. So today I am grateful for new experiences. And for not taking myself too seriously.

3 thoughts on “thirty nine

  1. From facebook

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    Urshela Schutte U look fabulous!
    February 24 at 2:25am · Like

    Charmaine Devitt Why didn’t he call on someone closer like Trevor?:):):):) just as well you enjoyed it!
    February 24 at 3:51am · Like

    Charmaine Devitt Sorry Lianne I suddenly realized….Trev couldn’t help. He is so busy filming as the star for the TV ads:):):
    February 24 at 4:17am · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood Thanks Ursh, but you are being too kind … think that gummy smile hides all the wrinkles!!! And Charmaine, yip, everyone else was just too busy. Esp Matt, I mean Trev. Naah, it was seriously good fun.
    February 24 at 5:45pm · Like

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