I forgot Kate today. For the first time ever. And in the worst thunderstorm I’ve ever experienced here. She had to text me. For some of you I’m sure it’s no big deal. For control freak, always 5mins early me, it was a huge deal. For the kid whose controlling mother was always there 5mins early it was a huge deal. The guilt. And not only at forgetting her, but at having spent the morning on the beach. And then forgetting her. The guilt at B’s raised eyebrow at my packed briefcase this morning. Aka, my beach bag. B’s word, not mine. But especially because I had felt slightly superior this morning when Jem told B mom always does things right. This was because she didn’t want B to drop them off at school. The last time he drove up the bus only lane. And stayed there and said leisurely goodbyes to the girls as they died a thousand deaths. I’m sure, knowing B, he might even have yelled I love you to them as they scuttled away. It didn’t help that one of the better looking boys in Kate’s grade was watching. And laughing. So, I was feeling understandably superior. Because I always do it right. Yeah right. Not only was Kate affronted when I finally turned up, she was also soaked. What a fabulous lesson for us both. She now knows I don’t always get it right.  And I now know it doesn’t matter. If she knows that is.

3 thoughts on “guilt

  1. Oh how I wish I had a briefcase like yours! And oh how my girls wish they had a mom who (99,9999999% of the time) was 5min early. Or even just “on-time”. But i’ve stopped beating myself up about it!

  2. From facebook

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    Samantha Yates Schroeder I feel for u my friend… I KNOW the feeling!!!! X
    February 21 at 4:53pm · Unlike · 1

    Kath Anderson Don’t think there is a mom on planet earth who hasn’t done that!
    February 21 at 8:57pm · Unlike · 1

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