I feel a little sad today. And I know that’s okay. I also know why I’m sad. Because my friend is. And I don’t know how to help her. And because I know only she can help herself. And I feel a little guilty. Because the very thing thing I take the most for granted is the very thing my friend does not have. And so badly wants. I know this because she told me.The stability of us. Of B and I. It seems so cruel to give advice on how lucky she is to have what she has, and to be so grateful for what she has been blessed with, from the comfort of my solid unit of two. I am grateful to her for reminding me of the beauty of what we have. But I know, as I know she does, only too well, nothing lasts forever. So my promise to her, and to myself, is never ever to take us for granted again. To see the beauty we are. To see the beauty we have. But I only promise this, if she promises too. If she promises never ever again to give up on herself. To see the beauty she has. To see the beauty she is.

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